The temperature drops below freezing,
As we anticipate the coming cold,
Winter exerts it’s cold hard grip,
With our dreams somehow untold,
Rain and wind walk across the scene,
And we’re left with all we feel,
The snow will soon filter down,
While the imagined cold becomes real.
The summer turns into a memory,
With the cold and freezing rain,
Snowflakes will soon cover the landscape,
But we are frozen by our pain,
We bundle up to avoid the cold,
Yet the cold seems to live inside,
And as we insulate against the weather,
We’re frozen by all we hide.
Winter arrives without a sound,
As our thoughts turn to the cold and snow,
But what seasons do our emotions bring,
If the inside’s cold can love still grow,
Snowflakes will fall without a sound,
Just as our dreams take flight,
While under the cover of darkness,
Love still lights the night.
Teardrops fall like icy drops,
As raindrops pelt the face,
And in this darkness late at night,
Love still lives in some inner place,
Immediately the world around us,
Is warmed by all we feel,
Though ice may form on broken dreams,
The heart holds love that’s real.
We toss and turn in our beds,
And we reach for something warm,
While visions show us in our dreams,
We’re still warm inside this storm,
A cold wind may blow our dreams around,
To reveal what always was,
Proving it’s right for the heart to hold on,
Not for but just because.
No matter how low the temperature goes,
Through the cold love still survives,
Inside that love keeps us warm,
No matter when snow arrives,
Tears may fall and turn to ice,
And snowflakes may even fly,
Love turns it into a sunny day,
A warmth hearts can’t deny.

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