The Wrong Idea

to Marcy Howard

Oh, my darling, Marcy, There are things, you misunderstood,
I, was not looking, for another, just ask me, if you could,
You really, misjudged me, you assumed, what, it was,
There was, a reason, there was, a because.
I know, that I hurt you, but it, isn’t, what you, believe,
Please, let me show you, I wasn’t trying, to deceive,
I do not, want another, not man, woman or beast,
I, actually, found love, with you, I want, to have the feast!!!
Forgive me, for not telling you, but at least, listen, to what, I say,
There is an explanation, don’t think, of me, this way,
You, are, that burning fire, you are, the one I need,
Please, don’t let assumptions, kill, the planted seed.
You know, about the whispers, and how, I listen, to the wind,
This, wasn’t, what you think, I’m sorry, can we begin,
To show you.that I’m for real, that what you think, isn’t me,
I’ll, give you the truth, and I’ll give it, up for free.
I think, we both, have things, that the other, wants, to know,
Please, just listen once, decipher, what may show,
And as, you listen to the truth, it’s up to us, to decide,
If, we, can work, this out, and see, in each other, we can confide.



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