Heart Chosen


A choice is made without the eyes,
It’s made without any thought,
As the heart becomes a trampoline,
And within our dreams we’re caught,
The mind becomes a maelstrom,
That contains an ebb and flow,
While in the darkness late at night,
The heart’s conviction grows.
All sound becomes an afterthought,
The heart wants what it wants,
While in the night times silence,
That unconscious choice just taunts,
At times it seems that emotion,
Becomes a storm that only grows,
While the wind that pushes it forward,
Though real just doesn’t show.
I see and feel a choice was made,
I wonder by whom it was seen,
Then I realize that the heart,
Has no requirement to say what it means,
The heart believes in all it feels,
Though at times it’s hard to hold,
As we ignore the warmth derived,
As our minds tell us that we’re cold.
The heart exists inside the dark,
It can not feel the light,
Yet from it things seem to emanate,
A path that leads through our night,
In our center lives the beating heart,
And with our tears it will not rust,
While all the things inside our minds,
Just fill us with distrust.
We are not the things we hear,
Or even those things we see,
We all are just the things inside,
The emotions in you and me,
Our minds control the things we think,
But our hearts tell us all we feel,
And though the two are never seen,
The heart’s choices are very real.
If the heart determines what we feel,
And makes us who we are,
In the heart we should believe,
It’s choices  our life’s stars,
All the things in life we own,
Are just fleeting more or less,
While love is the most important choice,
Not made by the mind but by our beating chest.

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