All Along


These days there is nothing left,
So much has been given away,
On a constant downward trend,
Is not having here to stay,
All the antiques and furniture,
The rugs and even the chairs,
Everything of any value,
But still we hold our fears.
If you have no worldly possessions,
Can you still have all you need,
Is our pride what seems to sustain us,
Does a broken heart still bleed,
Is it possible to blindly hold the hope,
That one person is all you require,
Or is it just a fleeting glimpse,
Of all the baggage we’ve acquired.
Could you truly look at me,
Accept who and what I am,
A common ordinary person,
Who is still your biggest fan,
Could you accept that I only have clothes,
That I give you my very life,
That I love you just the same,
As I love my departed wife.
You might think that it’s impossible,
But it’s really easy to understand,
You’re more important than myself,
You’re all important to this man,
Words are spoken that none need hear,
Tears are cried that none can see,
I only need to be in your arms,
The only place I’m free.
My happiness lives inside your eyes,
With my soul inside your heart,
A person who now is ripped in half,
Less than whole since we’re apart,
Take my life, the whole thing’s yours,
Every second and every hour,
With you only can I feel,
It’s you that holds the power.
Some would say I now am poor,
Because they see there’s nothing left,
But I would have to disagree,
Love leaves none of us bereft,
Accept me with only the clothes I wear,
I’m forever part of you,
And the most important thing I’ve found,
Is the love I found with you.

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