You're My Fire

to Marcy Howard

There were days, when we had less, but were happier, by far,
When dreams, were held, inside your heart, and pinned, upon a star,
But, as life ages you, you’re conditioned, by events,
To behave, a certain way, your self’s, continual descent.
A fire’s, burning, deep inside, it consumes us, from within,
Along with all desires, and baggage, from where you’ve been,
If,,a pleasant memory, is all, you have to hold,
Does that memory, keep you warm, or are you, overcome, with cold.
If,,that fire, burning, is never, given air,
Will it, slowly fade away, with only ashes there,
Yet, in our case, an ember, always, will stay hot,
Because, you can’t, overlook, the special bond, we’ve got.
So, my darling, Marcy, when you’re feeling sad,
Think thoughts of me, and those thoughts, will make you glad,
Forever, you’re my angel, my darling and my friend,
And, this love discovered, accepts, until the end.



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