to Marcy Howard

What, if life, seems just a dream, from which, you never awake,
Will it keep, the heart alive, just, for pity’s sake,
Does your mind, bother you, ignoring, things, you’ve found,
As you try, to shift, the blame, broken hearts, littering the ground.
The funny thing, there is no blame, each, are at fault,
But you try, to believe, love, was an assault,
As you place, the blame, on me, you ignore the facts,
While, the truth, gets lost somewhere, falling through, the cracks.
I take responsibility, for the things, I did, but tell me, what about you,
There, were many, things omitted, as, we traveled through,
The door, into eternity, to the fulfillment, of our dreams,
But I guess, reality, flows, like flooding streams.
Inside"s, where we hide, but with that, is a cost,
For, it made, us, never see, what, we might have lost,
You hid things, as did I, but that doesn’t, make love wrong,
We, should be happy, the music’s found, but what about the song.
If it makes, it easier, tell everyone, it, was all me,
Maybe, you will realize, baby, I can see,
The things, unsaid, raised the fog, that, obscured, our way,
And if, those things, stay locked inside, inside, is where they’ll stay.



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