For their 38th anniversary

A fresh faced country girl
Who pioneers on her bicycle
Catches the eye
Of a transplant from Houston
Love begins through letters
The wedding day comes
Catches this simple girl by surprise
With dirty dishes and spring flowers
Married life begins
As they drive off
In a Volkswagen bus
For two can do more than one
They spend seven years
Making memories
For just them two
Rooms are added one by one
Every two and a half years
For six can do more than two
Then a loft was added
As they opened their home
And six became seven
Children taught them patience
Rounded out their characters
And their teaching skills
For each one was different
I know without a doubt
That they never regret
When one became two
And two became seven
May their inheritance
Grow forever


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Laura Alaniz
presque 5 ans


Tony Hill
presque 5 ans

Enjoyed reading your poem. I like the second line and the slightly unusual use of the verb 'pioneers'.

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