Beautiful legs
The right shape and curve
Olive color without the green
That tans and doesn’t burn
Until you see
Red spots and white scars
Where dead skin used to be
To pay for my vanity




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Liam McDonnell
plus de 3 ans

It was all going beautifully well until reality,and pending mortality struck

Laura Alaniz
plus de 3 ans

Thanks, it could be worse!

Robert L. Martin
plus de 3 ans

Things sure look different up close, alright

Parker Jennings
plus de 3 ans

Oh a job well done with the succinct and impactful poem

Parker Jennings
plus de 3 ans

Psoriasis sucks. Once upon a time I thought I had it, because it runs in my family, but it turned out to just be scalp itch. Still hurt though

presque 6 ans

Thank you! :)

Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans

Love this!

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