Lift your head up
Pick your self up through this fight
we’ll fake it till we feel it
Till we make it out alive.
Keep your stand
hold my hand and render at no ones defence...
I’ll be by your side .. yea’ we’ll make it out alive,
cause we not loosing this to the bad guys!
Home ...
never thought we would make it out alive...
And they built a statue of us
told our victorys
captured our faces in frames, cheered our names..
after the heavens and like Gods we were proclaimed...
Gold and silver...
Carved marble and jade .. fine garments with wine and gardens..
We ended the past...
We started an Age!
Those were the glory days...
passed with the sun, our fame and faces..
Faded.. became and are vague.
we just names in history books, falling stones and old pictures in frames.

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Robert L. Martin
circa 4 anni

Great analogy. Great language. I loved it.

oltre 4 anni

This is cool its as if it could go into a song..

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