Times of perfection
smoke, cigars and liquor
..... railways..
Beauty in a Time-glass better make the best of...
Marylin’s all dressed up dancing to Vegas tune.
Pearls and lace... Carnivals!
  Movie-theaters, Ice– cream, Suspenders and Radios!<<
Honey ...Rock and Roll!
red lips kissed on the porch, drive me in your convertible?..
Extra! Extra!
 We lived all about it... Golden was the Age, We Rocked n Rolled.<<
Flashing lights at twilight..
Fireworks and glam sights! ..
Pick me up at Midnight...
          Coney Island,
Yea’h Damn right!
We raced against the sun.
Young and Done
to the Moon...
Golden was the Age, We Rocked n Rolled.

I got stuck...

50's Age of Rock

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Robert L. Martin
oltre 3 anni

Those were good times alright. I liked this poem very much. It moves very nicely

Tony Hill
circa 5 anni

Liked this poem, very evocative

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