A Day of Sickness

My bella means the world to me.
and hopefully someday will have me down on one knee.
She gets sick and I help her if I can.
This sickness i can tell she’s not a fan.
I hold her, kiss her, and rub her outer thigh.
Hoping she gets better holding her in a sigh.
I wait patiently to come and help take care of her.
To love on her and keep her from a chilly burr.
I kiss her and she gets mad.
She doesn’t want me getting what she had.
I laugh and tell her i will be ok.
and that we need to focus on her health day by day.
I keep her cozy as she lays in my lap.
As i kiss her cheeks while she tries to take a nap.
I rub her stomach because it makes her feel well.
This all goes good until the last day bell.
I kiss her then wait for the rest of the day to pass.


I wrote this one a little less than a month ago. I liked it and found it in my binder. thought id share it.

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