Things are always falling to where they supposedly should be. Everything has been set in stone even if it hasn’t yet been engraved. But it is destined for it to be sooner or later. It has already been decided. The world is fixed. And we all play a little part in it. We cannot change the course of history just by the kind of people the roll was played by. Not what happens in this life but they way it looks when these things do. But why does I matter to us what the world looks like when these courses of history happen.  Is there someone watching us? Judging us? Disappointed in the way we act and withhold ourselves? I believe so.  We cannot change what we are. We cannot change the direction we are headed. We can only change how we get there.


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Levi Carter
over 5 years

Probably comes with age. Thank you for the compliment.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

That was deep and moving. Your philosophy is very mature. When you first started writing, it was very shallow. Your writing keeps improving every day.

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