Curse To Be Broken

alcohol seems to run on both of my family its a curse.
a curse will be broken here with me with another biblical verse.
i scare myself from time to time when i learned liquor goes down like water.
it is not a gift, i definitely do not feel hotter.
i scare myself too badly with it. its not what i want.
even through every tease and taunt.
i have an iron liver and can drink from sun up until sun down.
i can slam a bottle of jack, patron, or maybe a bottle of crown.
but i would hate myself if i did.
do not laugh at this. i am not trying to kid.
if there is alcohol keep it away from me.
sober is the way i wish to be.
i can be mean when drunk but yet it can help loosen my tongue.
most are thinking how must you know? you are too young.
yet since a young age i have been drawn towards the substance.
like my fathers before me.
but the curse will not over come me.
i will not be an alcoholic.
i will break the unbroken curse of my trees past.


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