Cut the Bullshit

Mr. King ideas were big and his dream was even bigger.  
Of not being profiled by a race or being called a nigger.
He wanted equality for all mankind.
Race is something distorted in everyone’s mind.
We act like we are different to be different.
It messes with people’s head and makes them feel insufficient.
Racism has almost completely abolished.
And all racist groups are basically demolished.
So why do we throw all these statements out there?
Acting superior with a different color. That’s not fair.
Same with blacks, they do the same.
Acting like it was better from where their ancestors came.
Your own people sold you too the white man.
Its just over looked on this long time span.
It does not matter of what your skin color is printed on.
But with hatred it will be this way until we are all gone.


Im just tired of all these riots over blacks not being treated fairly. It is bullshit and you all know it. And if everyone quit feeding in to it, this shit would all go away. When the news is broadcasting it turn off the t.v. Let them destroy their city of baltimore. And im sorry but if all you african american rioters quit acting like such pieces of shit we would stop treating you like it. You are going to get what you put in to something.

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