Wishes of Forgiveness

I know I have been messing up lately.
Not just a minor mess up but greatly.
I feel you hate me for it and I lost trust.
And I understand the feelings you must.
I ask for your forgiveness.
I have been distant with feelings and affection.
But I feel I have a heart of no resurrection.
I have done you wrong but I do still care.
Saying to your face is too much to bare.
I ask for your forgiveness.
I am sorry I snap on you and sometimes hurt you.
But I just want you to know I hate myself when I do.
I have tried to be there for you when times were rough.
But i know what I did might of not always been enough.
I ask for your forgiveness.
I know I tried to leave and I was a best friend.
But i promise I will always be there for you until the end.
I know that we had always been close.
And I leaving was  a poison full dose.
I ask for your forgiveness.
You had always been there for me.
And when you were down I wasn’t there to set you free.
I have trying to be there more for you.
You are a best friend and I love you I promise that is true.
I ask for your forgiveness.
The Authority:
I know I hurt you and I did you wrong.
And my bad actions went on for just too long.
I lied even after seeing the lines in the sand.
And it left me here with my heart in my hand.
I ask for your forgiveness.
I put ideas between us that ruined the love we shared.
But I always tried to love you and I always cared.
I was selfish and was too codependent on you.
I am sorry pausing our love is what we were made to do.
I ask for your forgiveness.


I am hurting but it is just the hurt I brought upon myself. I do not really expect forgiveness for anybody lately but I feel terrible for the things I have and have not done. and it is tearing me apart. I am anchored at the bottom by the things I have done. and I am drowning in the sea of my problems.

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