Dear Friend

Dear friend so far down below.
It’s probably best that you know.
That no matter what happens I will be here.
So dont cry sweetheart not one more tear.
Life sucks and always gets us down.
While all colors turn black, white, and brown.
But i will be here when you need me around.
And i will always protect you without a sound.
Dear friend come to me with your stresses.
when the only things in life are messes.
I can’t fix them you must but i will be here to support.
Even when i’ve not always been someone to comport.
I can’t promise i can keep you from a cry.
I am far from perfect but i try.
Dear friend i will be here when you need me.
When nobody else seems to be.
I am am far from a man but i do my best.
So until you come to me with trouble i am put to rest.
So my dear friend am i able to make you smile?
But for me it might be a little while.


This goes to my friend. That is hurting and i wish to help.

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