Waiting on Someone Waiting

The animals were forced to stay in tonight.
The people were in the park rather than sleeping tight.
Every elk bugles right before the day break.
Not tonight while the man sits on the bench with a shiver and a shake.
The man found himself gazing down at his feet .
Wondering where his life had gone and why he’s so discrete.
He sits there hoping the next day will not come.
Because then his life and himself will emerge as one.
He will not go to be and he will wait for everything to fall asleep.
While bugling the elk waits in a angrily weep.
The man feels he has nothing to show for.
Ever since his father felt like walking out the open door.
He hasn’t found any pride in anything he has ever done.
But he will wish that changes when she sees the whispering sun.
The man has done nothing but think, other than that nothing at all.
Yet he keeps saying he will find his pride come fall.
He holds on to everything but his mind is very much lost.
The man never knew that the things he did always had a cost.
So the elk will wait and feed on a fallen acorn.
While the man waits for him self to be resurrected and reborn.


hidden message read between the lines and you will understand

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