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Half a Day

i wake at 5:00 am every school morning.
take a shower then the coffee is pouring.
put on my clothes look at her photo and take off.
wondering if she alright going to check her cough.
i get to school 7:00 am and wait for a little bit.
she is always here on time while i sit.
as she walks up the stairs and i smile.
while i look at her such cute sense of style.
i always told her good morning and she looked beautiful.
she rolls her eyes but she knows i am truthful.
i kiss her and ask her about her weekend.
she always had a family argument at the end.
i wanted to always help but it would anger them.
i tell her i love her and she is my perfect gem.
then kiss her again and take her to class.
tell her to be good and then wait for first hour to pass.
after 1st i meet her hold, her hand until we get to the stairs.
i tell her i love her once again then Kaitlin says “ no one cares.”
she was never one to like me.
i roll my eyes and go to biology while she goes to band.
yet again after 2nd hour i kiss her and hold her hand.
she gets excited telling me something she learned how to do.
i laugh when she gets excited and she says i love you.
i smile hug her and whisper “ ditto baby ditto.”
she smiles and walks into class and i go and study.
this is just have my school day with her and you would be amazed by how happy she makes me.


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