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Heart and Hand

I have this funny feeling.
About this love we have been creating.
Every bump makes us stronger.
I haven’t heard from you in days.
But i know where my heart lays.
I have worked everyday for a while.
but i have yet to crack a smile.
i am slightly depressed.
With anxiety that has suppressed.  
I hold my feelings in until i get here.
Where i wait for joy tear by tear.
I am tired as can be but cant rest.
And i cant get this whole thing off my chest.
I will always love you that will never change.
Even when my mind goes out of range.
You are the world to me i hope you understand.
You will always have my heart and hand.


I keep writing these poems, they keep my head up and give me something to look forward to. This is gong to be the longest Christmas break of my entire life. I hope i get through it without more dumb decisions. That is what seems to keep myself in hell of no connection. i wish they would just talk to me, but if they wont i guess there is nothing for me to do but pray and hope for the best.

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