I'm Ready

I’m ready for summer.
Ready to go exploring.
Make some new friends along the way.
Lay by the fire and watch the stars.
Ready to go hiking and holler at the top.
I’m ready for this summer.
Going to work with an early morning.
No more time for others to ruin your day.
No need to be out late at bars.
That’s just looking to get in to it with a cop.
I’m ready for summer.
No time for people trying to be boring.
I refuse to let my summer be filled with grey.
Some time to lay next to the road and watch the cars.
No intentions of making them stop.
I’m ready for summer.
Time for the lady you love and drink pouring.
No matter what others will say.
We are young and here to make some scars.
Haters is the only ones we are gonna drop.
I am ready for this summer.


I'm 16. I'm youthful. I'm reckless. I'm coming for my summer. So look out because I wont stop until i get it.

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