Laying in Fire

A new comes of the early morning day.
I get up out of bed and getting ready go.
I hear a voice ask, “Why don’t you stay?”
A beautiful woman with eyes that glow.
Gorgeous and bare but I keep my eyes off.
I don’t answer but watch to see what she will do.
Steam in the air and it makes me want to cough.
She said “ I have something for you.”
As I pulled my shirt over my head.
I ask what it is as she takes my hand.
And pulls me over closer towards the bed.
Taking all my clothes off where I land.
I wonder why but I will not question what she is doing.
That familiar feeling she is giving me.
A burning sex fire that seems to be so renewing.
I take up her wishes and begin to se myself free.
Hours later I find myself awakening in the middle of the night.
Wondering if I will try to leave and try to finally go away.
I get dressed and get ready to leave right before the morning light.
When I hear a voice ask, “why don’t you stay?”


This one is a little different than my others but i kinda found it interesting while writing it.

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