Wishing for Understanding

i let go not because i want to but because i must.
i have to break, mend, and bend peoples trust.
I tried to love but we always had to fight.
and it was time to do what was right.
i kept getting her in trouble and bound for more.
the thought of losing her like that drove me to the core.
she means the world to me but i have to let go.
even if my days go by slow.
i cried thinking about having to.
but it was time for us to start new.
i needed to focus on other things and school.
thinking she would understand made me feel like a fool.


I didn't mean to do it to hurt her. no matter how many times she says i did. i might of broke up with her wrong. but i couldn't come to myself to doing it in front of her. i couldn't watch her break down. I couldn't face knowing she would hate me after.

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