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Love and Patience

I love you so much I can’t stand it.
Your hand so small but seems to fit.
The games you play when we kiss.
Your body where I get lost in an abyss.
But I love being there and exploring.
Where my heart is just flooring.
Being with you makes time move too fast.
I wish a moment with my baby would last.
I love to be able to hold you in my embrace.
Those beautiful blue eyes I can find grace.
Baby you and I just happen to collide.
You need a home that I will provide.
When you can and ready I will be here waiting.
Where I carry this love we are creating.
I know I cant be your man for a while.
I can be your lover, best friend and your smile.
I promise baby I will never hurt you no matter what.
Even when we are in the deepest rut.
I love you more than anything else I ever had.
I just want to be yours so very bad.


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