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Overcharged Crimes

My father claims I cheated.
I began to get a little over heated.
Elizabeth is my best friend not my love.
I almost brought hell from above.
I was not prepared to leave but it is needed.
It wouldn’t matter after how I have pleaded.
It will not change minds of how they see me to be.
I am a lot of things but a cheater is not me.
I have always prided myself of not cheating.
I don’t care what people think or standards I am not meeting.
I hate myself for ruining the only thing I truly wanted.
It is now in my dreams that it now has haunted.
But always think to myself time moves faster than I know.
I can wait 3 years even if they go by extremely slow.
Misassumptions have yet to take a toll on my heart.
And has ripped my loved one and me completely apart.
But at the moment there is nothing for me to do but let time go by.
Even when I wish to do nothing but cry out why?


i dont even know what to say but i cant take be lied about. i am not a cheater. i will not ever be a cheater. and who ever says i am is talking about the wrong person. people can believe what they wish but as long as i know the truth that is all that matters.

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