Readin upon the stars

Before this I could see a light shining through.
Now all I see is darkness falling from the cold atmosphere.
I asked myself, “what am I doing with my life?’
I replied “ I have no idea while I watch my breathe drift in to the clouds.
When I look up at the stars I see lost dreams that people never went looking for.
All I see is ungratefulness and miss assumptions.
I have too many love files in my heart for the time I have left.
I have no more to give and too much to take in.
Yet shutting down for me is not an option for me this time.
When I would think about happiness I was blind.
I was opened to the world and happiness, joy, and love drifted.
All I used to see was clouds and wishes upon the stars.
Now al l there is are dark allies and broken down cars.


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