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Realization and Acceptance

Never thought i would make it this far.
People hate but words wont leave a scar.
Im just trying to keep my life together.
Iv’e realized pain does not last forever.
Looking into your deep beautiful eyes.
using happiness like some sort of disguise.
Dreaming of the day when i get to hold you.
Until morning looking at the sky of blue.
Ive made a lost mistakes in this life.
From looking away to seeing someone as my wife.
I feel that everything has me twisted around.
Feeling as i drink a little crazed bound.
But then i think of colorado.
And the girl i left in pain when i told her to go.
And i loved you but i had to leave you.
Knowing that it wasn’t what we wanted to do.
Im probably never going to change.
But i know when my own love runs out of range.
Seeing an old note that fell from my backpack.
Learning that acceptance is the only thing i lack.
I will be just fine with the girl i find intertwined.
The girl of my dreams i will yet again find.
Because hell Iv’e made it this far.
Even when I’m weak and my life is not up to par.

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