I see this beautiful girl in front of me.
While her eyes drift my mind gently out to sea.
She is tired and could use a wake up.
Maybe a big kiss or a coffee cup.
She is beautiful and everyone knows it.
But she’s mine I don’t care go throw a fit.
I can’t wait until she is next to me every night.
Through her nightmares where I hold her real tight.
She is independent but she will be mine to take care of.
And I swear to that to the gods above.
She keeps my life in a full spin and the tides rolling.
And at times she likes to be a little controlling.
She has the mind of a genius and the heart of a god.
Oh and don’t even get me started on her bod.
Everyone has our downs but she is perfect to me.
She is every love song a beautiful little remedy.
She has a loud bark and she bites harder.
But she seems to be able to keep me in an all out ardor.
You will get this smile of joy and you get satisfaction.
But yet she can be one hell of a distraction.
If you are smart you will not take her for granted.
When you mess up she will make you feel disenchanted.
I lay and see this beautiful girl in front of me.
While her eyes gently drift me out to sea.


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