Don't Blink

Time moves faster than people can say.
Before I know I will be right here where I lay.
I wish it wouldn’t go by so fast.
Maybe just have one moment last.
Longer than the blink of the eyes.
In which it moves so quickly by.
Time doesn’t care if you are ready or not.
And moves you closer to your rot.
At least it’s quicker to the promised afterlife.
Where I will rest eternally with my wife.
I might be young i’m not ready to grow up.
I’m not ready to fulfill this cup.
Bur ready or not here comes time.
Chasing after me and not bargaining a dime.
don’t blink or you might miss the moment.
So you can be able to have the entire fulfillment.
Of this life and everything in it.


I'm trying to explain how fast time goes by. it scares me. it amazes me how we forget how it didn't feel to long ago when you turned 6 and then when you turn 12 then 18. Don't waste you life on things that don't matter. enjoy life we don't have it forever.

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