I stretch out wide seeing fire rise from behind me.
So much pain to the absolute highest degree.
Wishing for a sign of hope and faith soon.
I will be broken and finished by the next full moon.
I mend broken memories together with a book.
I mend self-esteem with a shower and a new look.
But all is temporarily a mask of pain.
On my way to a more content domain.
Turning the freeway setting off and down shifting.
No more fighting and no more spirit lifting.
I am heated but a heart gone cold.
No more striving no longer standing so bold.


I wrote this after i messed up really bad a while back.

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Cory Garcia
almost 6 years

This is coveyed very maturely... devoid of pretenses... stripped of fear... resolute in motive... moving in diction... and cool in toneWell done brother poet

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