Tapping my toe to crap on the station.
Thought of this ridiculous preparation.
Pacing my fingers back forth.
Wondering what is truly of some worth.
My hands are shaking and I’m intoxicated.
But under the drinking my morals had dominated.
I roll my neck hoping to cool down.
Chasing it with a swig of crown.
Hoping I didn’t fuck up too bad.
Hoping I don’t lose everything I had.
I just need to relax and get my head on straight.
This is not end this is not my fate.
I get out of the car and talking away.
With nothing stopping what I will say.
I will not contribute to the weakness.
I am no longer sitting speechless.
Not towards myself and the way I feel.
My soul is brighter and stronger than steel.
I will do what I must when needed.
No longer being so conceded.
I am here to love and take care.
Not to sit with a bottle in despair.


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