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The Easy Medium of Me

I look left then right then left then right yes again.
I guess you could say I’m not like other men.
I’m careful so I don’t fall on my feet in front of me.
I know I can be some ones black coffee.
But I do too like to have my spews of fun.
I just don’t ever like to jump the gun.
You don’t ever have to catch me in the right mood.
And the worst thing I hate is someone being rude.
So that is why I am not because then I would be an hypocrite.
In my opinion is the worst adjective more than any of it.
I know this will kill me so I will smoke it long and slow.
Because I’m just sitting here in class waiting for time to go.
My life in small words is all about representation.
To be able to know how to spell that one word or do that equation.
I hate being wrong even when I know I am wrong.
But I never dread over it for ever too long.
I know I’ve done dumb things and have been exited by danger.
And I don’t think I could ever live on a house with a manger.
I need somewhere quiet at times and exciting the rest of the time.
So I can have fun and still be able to put together a few rhymes.


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