The Shadows of my Demons

I felt like i wanted to break.
Pain covered me sick in a shake.
Excruciating pain i fall to the floor.
while everyone saying they need more.
They come and break me down.
I’m losing grip of this crown.
I was king and took what i wanted.
But now by everyone’s wishes i am haunted.
I give them everything the ask for.
Then take what the want then ask for more.
I tear my heart open and then they walk away.
I’ve taken all the pain i can today.
just need some serenity some relaxation.
I beg everyone out of pure desperation.
I’m too far gone for doing this one alone.
And might still be a bit before i can go home.
I’m drowning in this water but i have a free hand.
But not strong enough for myself to stand.  
To many demons I’m about to break.
Too much evil I cant seem to shake.


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