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Timing Just Right

Suns out and looking to play.
It will not hold off another day.
Coming out with clear blue skies.
Time for grilling and get together fish fries.
Down to the river to wade in the water.
As the sun day by day is getting hotter.
We bake in the sun and die when burned.
Then again even after we thought we learned.
Friends all meet up to go canoeing.
The ice cold drink so renewing.
We have a radio on in the back ground.
Then we all lay down and listen to the nature sound.
These are the best times of our lives.
Before we settle down old with kids and wives.
So get up and raise your beer into the air.
Jump off eagle rock? Hm what a dare.
So sit back relax and try to have some fun.
Before we must say good bye to the sun.


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