Too Her Mother

I like being generous and thoughtful.
I’ve never tried to be someone hurtful.
I have made big mistakes in my existence.
I’ve tried to have love of total resistance.
I thought the wrong yet I learned.
And I hope soon I will have trust well earned.
I know it takes time and I am willing.
To do my time if it is going to be fulfilling.
I truly want a healthy relationship with her.
I didn’t mean to put it in a panic and a shiver.
You said you didn’t know me that well.
I wrote this so I can change that word to “swell”.
My favorite subject is history and I am protective.
I have a very strong yet open-minded perspective.
I love buying people things and caring.
I’ve always been known for helping and sharing.
My favorite color is teal and I love music tunes.
I have a weird interest in literature and cartoons.
I write poetry to express feelings and to vent.
I believe in god and I must learn to repent.
I love hunting, fishing, and playing sports.
I love photography and doing journalism reports.
I love your daughter, she makes me happy.
I’ve known to be corny, cheesy, and sappy.
I love working especially if it is for a good cause.
I hate it if someone has to it pause.
My shortest fuse is if a man hits a girl.
I don’t put up with it and it makes my fists curl.
I love proving myself to people no matter the cost.
I have a tendency to get a little lost.
I am not good with confrontation on my best day.
My favorite moment is seeing Kayli on Monday.
She gives me something to look forward to.
Even if I have no idea how to get there or what to do.
I want to make the ones I love smile forever.
I have always been called, loving, strong, and clever.
I don’t know what all you wish to know.
But I know I want your trust in me to grow.
If you wish to know anything else you have my number.
I hope you and your family is how I spend my summer.


The more i talk to you the faster i wish to move. I wrote this when you told me you didn't know me very well. At the time i didn't know if I should have at the time. I hope you learn these things by experience soon. But tonight you said it helps you get to know me when you read my poetry so i hope you read this one.

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