The cool breeze of November nips the tip of my nose.
While I lie on my bed under a blanket and wiggle my toes.
I can still feel when I stroked my hand through your hair.
When I kept you warm and helped you through your nightmare.
You murmured I love you in your sleep while I held you tight.
It gave me tears of joy when I told you I loved you too and goodnight.
You make me happy and I am 100% sure you always will.
I promise we will make it even on the roughest hill.
I wish I could see that smile that makes me feel like I am doing well.
While I see you upset in the halls and my worry begins to swell.
I know you have I lot on your mind but baby I’m trying.  
I wish I knew if you were ok and to make sure you are not crying.
Babe I will do anything I can to make you feel better.
I promise I will “ Always & Forever”


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Sarana Conradie
about 6 years

Goosebumps, one beautiful poem.

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