Two Days Of Hell

On Thursday we started fighting.
The day was full of thunder and lighting.
Fighting back and forth.
Me left wondering what was worth.
To keep and to let go.
As the day went by slow.
At the end she said she still loved me.
I still don’t know what she wants me to be
I felt myself spiraling down and crashing.
As I was digging down and stashing.
My feelings of anger and departure.
At the moment it was to much to endure.
Ive been worried out of my mind.
Waiting for everything to just unwind.
Her parents don’t want us dating.
In which is very deflating.
After my mind settled for a while.
And my head ran for a mile.
Friday has rolled around.
And nothing is very astound.
My friend says everything is going to be ok.
I didn’t feel better at the end of the day.
My friends says she just need time.
But my head is building grime.
Grime of terrible thought.
In which it had fought.
For what seemed forever.


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