Walking On Clouds

I walk on the sky with the currents under my feet.
Although I stick out I climb higher to be more discrete.
Yet the higher I move up my air becomes thinner.
Although its fall the air 20,oo feet up feels like winter.
Its so freezing up here I wish I brought a coat.  
There’s so much water I’m drowning I need a boat.
I might be at the top but the tops has its downs.
I have noticed there is no easy medium around here.
The is always greener on the side for the deer.
I hit rock bottom where I can feel the earth move.
The earth so rugged but at the same time so smooth.
I find myself wandering the forest with the sun on my back.
I think I just saw a buck with the biggest rack.
The creek is running swell with small trout swimming the torrent.
I notice that sometimes life at the bottom in not always a bad thing.
Look at all the amazing things that this bottom world can bring.
If you cant appreciate what you have on the bottom.
They will put you on the top without a coat in autumn.


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