Drug Connection Resurrection

Im taking you to places you’ve never seen.
Legs shaking like you  sipped some lean.
Giving it my all I’m addicted and i cant get enough.
Come over we’ve been feaning bad i got the stuff.
You scratching my back gripping on your hair.
The way you move your hips just ain’t fair.
You are my drug i feel like you keep me alive.
When you touch me i touch you we thrive.
Nothing more than a touch nothing less.
When I’m not able to have you I’m a mess.
The way you move your body in slow motion.
got you going no need for oils no need for lotion.
Watching you take it all in. Kissing your lips.
Rubbing my hands up and down rolling your hips.
I have what you are wanting i see it in your face.
Don’t worry baby ima take care of you with a touch of grace.

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