What is Best

Well I think we might of made amends for now.
I was really expecting it and I said wow.
I didn’t deserve an apology for what I had said and done.
I was the one who started it not her or another one.
I apologized as well and I felt like falling apart.
But I had to much pride to express my heart.
So I played it off like it wasn’t a big deal.
But maybe I should have told her how I feel.
I think it might be better this way.
But I will talk to her don’t want her to have to pay.
For mine and her own mistakes of this big fight we had.
Although if I talk to he it might make her really mad.
I know she looks happy but is it just a cover up?
I will sit here and drink out of my coffee cup.
Thinking of what the best thing would be to do.
Although my mind is lost with out a clue.


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