I am cut up shredded and worn.
Upset dragged around and torn.
I am starting to get tired of this game.
Oh that guy the poet.....some name.
I am tired of being there for everyone.
As i am leaving my self no one.
I get girls then either they break up with me.
Or i get fed up with their shit to a tee.
So i will shut down for a while.
Until i find my old familiar smile.
I guess i was never cut out to be a boyfriend.
Because all just end up coming to an end.
I can never have just a slow walk in the sand.
just a girls nice sweet lending hand.
but i don’t need another girl to see me as a brother.
I just need that girl that’s like no other.
I love helping and caring.
Giving others advice and sharing.
So my availability will be shut down.
until I find the girl with the perfect girl all around.


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