Young, Reckless, Troublesome

We run around like kids and play.
Find something new to do every day.
Working for fun and spending money.
Goofing around acting like we are funny.
Stay out late to howl at the moon.
Crash real late and wake up at noon.
We might be reckless and trouble prone.
But fam wont let one go down alone.
We eat, drink, play and fight together.
We respect and standup for one another.
We all pitch buy a gram.
And then we share and blaze with the fam.
We fly to the races drifting.
The next day hitting the gym lifting.
Take a break from fun and go to work.
Back at home where boredom will lurk.
Next weekend I will call up my friends.
I know I will cry when my youth ends.


Just my thoughts of my weekends with my brothers. They might not be blood but they are by bond.

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