I am trying.
To do the right thing.
To say what needs to be said.
To stay out of fights.
To be honest with ones.
To keep my head above water.
To reach others expectations.
To keep from stressing others out.
To fight for what I want.
To act like I am fine.
To keep from being less than fine.
To work things out with people.
To do the best I can.
To make the ones I love happy.
To work hard in school.
To save money.
To keep my reputation up.
But I feel as I’m getting no where.


People keep asking me what is wrong. I don't know what to tell them. I guess i'm tired. Thats all I can really say. I think I need to take a break from everything. Ironically I am on spring break. But it doesn't seem like I was really given much of any sort of break. Especially when all of my expectations are 10 ft up and to the left.

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