Your Decision

I’ve moved on from you.
I found something new.
Don’t get mad at me for it.
I don’t care. here you have no place to sit.
Not in my heart.
We have been set apart.
It wasn’t mine but your decision.
So don’t talking to me in your intuition.
We both messed up so lets just let go.
But you gave the final blow.
You told me you hated me.
Something I couldn’t see.
But I saw it to be true.
So after a month I found someone new.
And i’m moving on and trying to stay sane.
I expect you to do the same.


Don't come at me like i was supposed to wait on you. You hurt me. why would i sit and wait for someone that had left me in pain. If you want to be pissed i dont care. But dont talk shit about me about what im doing with my life. You left me you are no longer my partner. So dont get mad at me like you are.

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