Your Happiness

A poem i wrote a few months ago.

I love holding you and feeling your cold breath.
Your love is my drug and it is stronger than meth.
A kiss is my fix and it keeps me content for a while.
Then I get in to a mood for on kiss I would another mile.
When you are upset it makes me worry and upset.
I love listening to you baby and hearing another secret.
It makes me feel that you love and trust me.
You take me from my own prison and set me free.
I want to take you and lift you high above my head.
And cuddle you when it gets cold in my bed.
So keep smiling with those sweet soft lips.
While I hold you tight by your tight hips.
Life goes on baby we might as well make the best of it.
Why be so worried ad upset while you sit.
I pray for your happiness at night and twice on Sunday.
I can’t wait to make that final vow to you on our wedding day.


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