Awake, I’m awake but frantic,
I dreamt we were still sleeping side by side like children,
Awake gasping for your breath,
An unreal reality replaces,
As the familiar world disappears.
Over years spent apart our connection has faltered,
Recognize me sister please recognize me,
I exist as you understood every move,
And your moves I knew before you made them.
As the day opens I realize the reality,
Of difference enhanced by distance,
The kinetics of our system forever altered, split, finally,
And I know I did it, for whatever reason I did it.

Ruthie my love and identical twin 10 years & 3000 miles away

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almost 7 years

I am unable to express properly how much your review means to me. Thank you so much

Julia W
almost 7 years

This is honestly one of the best poems I've ever read :) I love how you wrote this

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


almost 7 years

Thanks :)

almost 7 years

I like this.

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