Fervent disciple of might,
Might rescue you my lovely child,
With bold, blank, alluring eyes,
To lead you and your heart to follow,
In all the lavish funds of knowledge.
Oh no,
Look closely to the mitts that may,
With crooked broken nails might say,
Whose got the nips, draw and desire,
To claw at knowledge and its power?
Fool me to follow you but please...
Come closer.
I have a breadth of endless power,
In my knowing and desire,
My nails are broken chipped and flawed,
They look just like your gnashing claws,
Come follow me oh fool that may,
Destroy our thoughts and love today, tomorrow and forever.

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Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Subjective Interpretation: Very cool indeed :)Your description sounds like a good basis for a continuing story :)

about 7 years

I love your beautiful interpretation Cory. Thanks!Believe it or not politics had more to play in its inception for me using three voices here, patriarchal, matriarchal and the Offspring. The Offsprings innate being has already dictated her way and given her vast knowledge but she appears to them weak and influenceable. Both parties are ignorant to the strength she already possesses and her ability to overtake them and lead them. The tone is meant to be sinister in the way neither recognizes her power and the future is unknown!I am in awe of the way poetry can be interpreted any way you want which in turn inspires more for the writer!

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Love that last stanza!For me this song conjures up the image of a lover who thinks to much lol...How to stop a mind that just keeps going... I can think of only 1 thing and for me... your poem is a testament to it...Proximity and Passion

about 7 years


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