The world rustles the rise,
As I wipe my eyes and yearn for bed,
smack my feet on the floor
and drown in baths waterfall.
As quiet floods mornings day
I wish wash every sound away, close my ears and despise,
the sharp visceral noise,
Of all of love’s normal voice.
So I get on the train,
Let me swoon and delay and finally the temper obeys,
To life’s earliest art,
Loudest sound let it roar.
And suddenly I am held,
this rapturous arm then lets me go but streams underneath my skin,
To lull me back into my way,
And breaks me through into my day.

Dedicated to my commute on the T to work

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almost 7 years

yes, no reason for that, but i here you. much of my first work gets no views so i feel like shortening my poems list down to a page or two...

james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

Yeah, don't do that. No deleting necessary, your poetry is great my friend.

almost 7 years

Thanks James, your message came when I was considering deleting stuff and questioning all my poems.
To quote The Animals, with possibly the most insecure lyric of all time...Sometimes I find myself, Lord, regretting
Some foolish thing, some little simple thing I've doneI appreciate your rescue :)

james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

This is really good, I mean really fucking good.forgive my english ;)

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Even better the second time :)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years


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