some___ would say shes flawless
like living rooms
real spacious
held high
I’m all nauseous
like a new step up
i fell with untied laces
so brushed aside
still held her pride
my words filled up the pages
i tried to relate
questioned the fate
i spin the bottle
and shes spinning dates
steam ahead
full throttle like titanic, sink,
hit the bottom
Jacks drifting away
combinations, entwine the words
lost my worth
lost for words
gotta stop saying it could be worse
call the priest, all i need is her
...and we keep falling in this mess
and we keep staying for the rest
and he’s letting go
and she’s letting go.....
believe me id quit i’m so far into this
a rush,,,, like an addict, all things added dreams of her have become a habit
sorta stranded. cant call no captain
i see her face, completely saddened
completely ravished
completely tarnished
x marks the spot shes in the spot
and like a spy, forgot my target
mirrors smashed
mirrors smashed she’s unsurpassed
I’m inferior
makes me delirious
state experience
she comes straight through
she breaks those barriers
i chose to see the light, headlights
through midnight skies, I followed lines
minds insecure not sure not sure
blew it away you’re a land mine
is it me you seek, lets rewind
is it her you need, let’s refine
if it makes you weak, lets take time

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over 5 years

thanks for your lovely comments Sarana and Robert. Much appreciated.

Sarana Conradie
over 5 years

These words and everything about it is awesome.

Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

I wish I had a set of drums to play when I read this poem. I loved the excitement and the rhythm

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