Forgive and Forget

We think we like each other but it is a myth.
Day by day you will slowly forget that I exist.
Physical attraction and sexual satisfaction is what you were after.
After holding my ground and saying no to you I can’t imagine anyone leaving any faster.
I don’t believe you took in all of the factors.
Long distance, take that for instance.
You talk like we have been together forever.
I have never seen you.
You tell me “come home” like we have lived together for so many years.
We only met a few weeks ago.
So when we stop talking no tears will flow.
No emotions will show.
I won’t be hurt if you let me go.
This has happened to me so many times already.
Girls walk up to me. Ask me if I want to go steady.
They think of sex lightly but I take it kind of heavy.
they leave once they realize there is no breaking my levy.
I am sorry  but I sense the jealousy already.

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