They say that, in your dreams,
 a polar bear represents a reawakening….
And there;
In sight;
With the full moonlight off white in the night;
Reflecting a scene
 of extrasolar plight….
Atop a very tall dirt pillar; a plateau;
Was a dead,
more than half rotted
 polar bear
   lying on its back—
Skeleton totally exposed….
 Partly decomposed;
Half white/
 Half hacked—
Face half on
 like the matter of fact.
Emptily gazing at the stars.
I looked at the bear;
Then leapt off the plateau
 soaring into that night.
That curious night.
 So clear—and concise!
   So wildly, peacefully, full of advice.
So scary
So lonely
So nice.
At least I can fly in my dreams.


Reawakening, Dead, Anxiety, Relief, In-Between

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más de 5 años

Yeahhhhhh,so different from all else on here,great


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